18 Days in Ottawa

Mom on a Valley road trip

My daily schedule is unvarying, play fiddle and guitar in the morning for a couple of hours, an afternoon bike ride along the many bike paths ending up with a visit with my dad in the Bruyere hospital, then back home to cook a Valley meal for my mom. My mom and I go on short Valley road trips to visit the relatives that are still left - they're a great bunch and I always look forward to these visits - more than they do I suspect - but they all live so close to each other and take visits for granted.

I have the best visit I've ever had with my mom. The time with my dad is somehow well spent as well. Heartbraking at times, but I like to think he's come to terms with his situation. At least he doesn't talk about it anymore. My appreciation of my parents is on the upswing. I'm sure it will peak long after they're gone.

I play music with my high-school pal Doug Bryce. We used to listen to the Rolling Stones in our suburban basements trying to choke down beer back in grade 9 in the 12x5 days. Years later we discover that we both developed an interest in fiddle tunes. Doug is a terrific fiddler so its a real treat to connect again on fresh ground after all these years. The grandiose plans I had for an Ottawa music event don't pan out. I envisioned Fern in Uxbridge ON, Peter & Veronica - visiting from BC in Bracebridge ON, Doug and me connecting with another pure character from my Ottawa past Don Givogue for a music night with his spinster farm neighbor Helen in Mayo Quebec who sings and plays old-time tunes and never left the farm.

the Bruyere Hospital

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